This DIY Heart Donut Tower is Sure to Delight Your Valentine

This DIY Heart Donut Tower is Sure to Delight Your Valentine

What could be better than a dozen Heart Donuts on Valentine’s Day? Check out our DIY Heart Donut Tower featuring 120 donuts!

Whether you do two tiers or five, a Heart Donut Tower is the perfect centerpiece for your Valentine’s Day celebration. We used our special Heart Donuts, but you can add in any of your favorites.

If a tall tower is too much, try our recipe for a Mini Donut Cake. Both are so easy to make, and are sure to delight your friends and loved ones!

Donut Tower Close Up

Heart Donut Tower


  • 10 Dozen Heart-shaped Donuts
  • 5 tier cake stand
  • Sprinkles (optional)


  1. Arrange the Heart-shaped Donuts on the cake stand.
  2. Cover remaining visible cake stand with sprinkles.
  3. Serve.
Stack 2

Mini Donut Cake


  • 3 Heart-shaped Donuts
  • ¾ cup vanilla frosting
  • Sprinkles (optional)


  1. Place 1 Heart-shaped Donut on a plate.
  2. Using a piping bag with a star tip, pipe frosting onto the top of the donut.
  3. Place second donut on top of the frosting and repeat.
  4. After the third donut in in place and frosted sprinkle the top with sprinkles.
  5. Enjoy!

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