Three Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care from Guest Blogger Ashley Markwood

Three Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care from Guest Blogger Ashley Markwood

Hi! I’m Ashley, a Boston wife, mommy and blogger for Style Grace and Lace - sharing my daily life and motherhood journey! I’m so excited to post today because who doesn’t love a little extra TLC (and the “C” stands for coffee, of course)?! I hope you all enjoy these self-care tips and a few small ways you can love yourself more each day!

This post is sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee At Home. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When you’re a mom, it's so easy to get so wrapped up in your little ones 24/7 that you forget to practice self-care.  I have learned, especially over the past few months, that when I take time to do some small things for myself each day, I am an overall happier wife and mom! For example, I'm not going to lie, sometimes I feel guilty when I take time to myself for even just a shower...but I've accepted that the "mom guilt" is going to be there regardless, and my personal needs (and hygiene) should never suffer! Any little way that I can take time for myself is a win for everyone because taking care of others is important, but guess what, taking care of myself is important too.

Here are three simple ways to practice self-care regularly:

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1. Enjoy a cup of coffee.

From the moment I wake up, I look forward to my cup of coffee. Honestly, pre-motherhood I wasn’t as big a coffee drinker. I liked the taste, but would maybe drink 1-2 cups per week. Ever since having my daughter London, I discovered that no matter how tired or wrecked I feel after a long night, coffee is always there - waiting for me in the morning. I enjoy the smell, the taste, and (duh) how it makes me feel! Typically, I'll let Lo watch cartoons for 15 minutes while I sit and sip. It's a small thing that goes a LONG way. I'm now pregnant with my second child so when it comes to coffee, I need my one cup per day in order to keep up with my little one.

Also, I'm the type of girl that prefers drinking cold coffee YEAR ROUND...and Dunkin' Donuts Cold Brew Coffee Packs have been my go-to! It's SO easy to make at home. All you need is a pitcher, water, two coffee packs, and it's ready to steep in the fridge overnight for 8-12 hours. The slow brew extracts the best flavor from the beans and the result is a super smooth and rich taste. My favorite part is that when I wake up, all I have to do is add ice and my flavored creamer and I'm good to go. Taking time to enjoy my one cup of coffee helps me ease into the morning and get ready to tackle the day.

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2. Treat yourself to fresh flowers. 

I LOVE to do this. Having fresh flowers on my table instantly brightens up my day! Of course I don't buy them every day, but usually when I go to the grocery store once or twice a week, I will pick some up. Not only do flowers spruce up my home in a jiffy, but there’s something about flowers that makes me feel creative and sparks my imagination.

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3. Do something active.

Take a walk, take 10 minutes to stretch, or do something even more intense. Even if that walk is just around the block, the fresh air and physical activity rejuvenates me! I always feel better after I move. Stretching is a great way to relax as well. Put on some music and zone out for a few minutes. Your body will totally thank you, and mentally it's nice to "check out" for a little bit. When London naps, I like to sneak in a workout. Sometimes, getting off the couch is the hardest part but I always try to remember how great I feel after. I've even tried to work out through the nausea with this pregnancy because it usually subsides once I'm 5 or 10 minutes into it – just another motivator to work out ;)

Do you try to do any of these things daily? What are some ways that you practice self-care?