We asked and DD Fans ShareDD: What Puts An Extra Spring In Your Step?

We asked and DD Fans ShareDD: What Puts An Extra Spring In Your Step?

Spring has sprung and we couldn’t be more excited here at the DD Mothership. The change in season, combined with a wave of unseasonably warm weather has made iced coffee and iced tea the go-to beverages for many of our guests on Facebook and Twitter.



Inspired by our fans, @DunkinDonuts took to Twitter to celebrate both the first day of spring and our many passionate iced coffee fans. Dunkin’ Donuts hosted the “Spring Begins IceDD Coffee Sweepstakes,” on March 20, where we asked fans to tweet us how their iced coffee puts an extra “spring” in their step for a chance to win one of ten $50 Dunkin’ Donuts Cards

While the ten winners were selected at random, we got such a great sampling of responses, that we couldn’t resist sharing them with readers of the DD Blog! From escaping a busy day of meetings one sip at a time, to reminding them of home and proving that ‘ol groundhog wrong, here are some of the ways iced coffee puts an extra “spring” in our fan's steps and helps keep them running:


DD Iced Coffee by DD fan @valrastetter


  • @bri_rendine @DunkinDonuts an iced mocha gives me that extra sweet & sugar to keep me smiling & pepped up for my day in the office! #IceDD
  • @JulianFaux @DunkinDonuts #IceDD dd iced coffee gets me going for a long, spring day of classes and then a long night of work!! #turboshot !!
  • @SaraLarrabee @DunkinDonuts your #IceDD allows me to escape my busy days of meetings and assignments just one sip at a time #perfect!
  • @Stephaniegurka @DunkinDonuts gives me that boost in the afternoon so I can power through my outdoor spring runs!!! #IceDD
  • @Rocky5766 @DunkinDonuts I drink iced year round its THAT good but now its even more refreshing! #IceDD #beatingtheheat #thirstquencher :)                


RoaDDtrips run better w/ Iced Coffee....and a sweet ride!


  • @kelsEburns @DunkinDonuts all i need in the AM is an iced latte in the cup holder, music blasting, windows down- and I'm refreshed & ready to go! #IceDD          
  • @lisakash23 @DunkinDonuts #IceDD always puts a spring in my step because it reminds me of home and darn good coffee no matter where in the world I am!               
  • @Eric__Jones @DunkinDonuts #IceDD coffee puts an extra spring in my step by allowing me 2 focus harder in college and earn A's instead of DD's! ;)
  • @Lauradibon Got an extra spring in my step today bc that little groundhog was WRONG! A delicious Caramel Turtle #IceDD to celebrate spring equinox
  • @Atmcilwain @DunkinDonuts #IceDD is like a fresh spring rain; it's followed by blossoms and blooms! It definitely puts a spring in my step!


DD Iced Coffee on a spring day by DD fan Yeng via Facebook