What Keeps Top Business Leaders Going?

What Keeps Top Business Leaders Going?

What keeps you going? In a new collaboration with Cheddar, we are asking busy, on-the go business leaders just that.

Chances are, coffee helps keep you going. Today, it’s easier than ever with our new Dunkin’ Mobile App and On-The-Go Mobile Ordering, which allows you to order ahead and speed past the line. For business leaders, like many of our guests, our mobile technology makes their Dunkin’ run even more quick and convenient.

As part of our new partnership, Cheddar is sitting down with on-the-go business leaders in a series of live videos discussing, “What Keeps You Going?” Cheddar is a new video news network focused on covering the most innovative products, technologies, and services transforming our lives.

Our own Chief Digital Officer, Scott Hudler, kicked off the partnership in an interview with Cheddar discussing Dunkin’ digital innovation, On-The Go Mobile Ordering and what keeps him going. Check it out below.

So, what keeps top business leaders going? Check out the second segment of “What Keeps You Going” with the CEO of Knightscope. Tune in this week for another segment on Cheddar!  

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