Yeast Donut Vs. Cake Donut Vs. French Cruller: What’s The Difference?

Yeast Donut Vs. Cake Donut Vs. French Cruller: What’s The Difference?

Although we dropped donuts from our name, here at Dunkin’ we are still very dedicated to our donuts. With so many donut varieties at your local store, you may be wondering what is the difference between sweet treats like Yeast Donuts, Cake Donuts and French Cruller?

Rick Golden, Manager of Donut Excellence in the Dunkin’ Test Kitchen, offers insights into the subtle differences between these donuts! Keep reading to learn more.


Yeast Donuts are soft, tender with a slight fermented flavor and sweet to the taste. After the product has cooled, it is sponge-like and tender to the touch. Yeast Donuts make up our glazed rings, iced rings, filled shells and fancies (Coffee Rolls, Bismarks, Bow Ties) which is about 65% of our donut mix. It is a three-hour process from start to finish and worth every minute!


The Cake Donut is a symmetrical, round donut that is golden brown in color, with a center hole that is about the size of a dime. Our Cake Donut has a crisp outer edge with a tender inside. However, cake donuts can vary in taste slightly depending on the flavor (Chocolate, Old Fashioned, Blueberry, Sour Cream). For example, the Old Fashioned Cake Donut has a mild vanilla flavor with a slight nutmeg finish. These donuts take about 12-15 minutes to create from start to finish.

French Cruller

A French Cruller* has a soft, airy texture with a pleasant light “egg-like” flavor. The center of the French Cruller is wet with a crunchy exterior. The shape of a proper French Cruller should resemble a golden brown pinwheel. It is customarily glazed prior to being enjoyed, which adds a slight sweetness to this deliciousness. This process takes about 12-15 minutes to make from beginning to end.

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