Celebrate Your Heroes with Customer Designed Dunkin' Donuts Cards for Mother's and Father's Day

CANTON, Mass. (May 2, 2008) -- This Mother's Day and Father's Day, Dunkin' Donuts is making it easy to honor not just your parents, but also the local heroes who make a difference in our communities every day. Dunkin' Donuts, the world's largest coffee and baked goods chain, today launched two limited-edition gift cards -- designed by Dunkin' Donuts customers -- featuring images in recognition of moms and dads. Both cards will be available online at www.DunkinDonuts.com. For every card bought at www.DunkinDonuts.com during the months of May and June, Dunkin' Donuts will donate $1* to the Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation, which supports heroes who serve their communities every day.

The card design was chosen from numerous entries submitted by Dunkin' Donuts customers throughout the country. Artwork was selected for each Dunkin' Donuts Card and both winners received a $500 donation to the charity of their choice. The Mother's Day Dunkin' Donuts Card design winner was Margot Miller of New York City, who is donating to her charity, Friends of the World Food Program. Eileen McCarthy-Keddy of Medford, Mass. was named the winner of the Father's Day Dunkin' Donuts Card design, and is donating to her charity, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

The customer designed Dunkin' Donuts' rechargeable cards for Mother's Day and Father's Day will be available for purchase while supplies last at www.DunkinDonuts.com. Mother's Day Cards will be available on May 2 and Father's Day Cards will be available on May 15. The Mother's Day and Father's Day Cards, as well as the standard rechargeable Dunkin' Donuts Cards, are available in denominations between $5 and $200.

Unlike some other brands' rechargeable cards, Dunkin' Donuts' Cards don't have any additional fees or expiration dates. If cards are registered online, Dunkin' Donuts will also replace them free of charge if they are lost or stolen. For even greater convenience, the card can be registered for auto-recharge, which automatically adds money to the card on a specific day or when the balance on the card drops below a certain level. The card is a convenient way to pay for your favorite Dunkin' Donuts products and can be redeemed at any participating Dunkin' Donuts restaurant.

*Up to a maximum of $5,000 will be donated

For more information, or to purchase a card, please visit www.DunkinDonuts.com. For more information on the Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation, please visit www.DunkinBrands.com/foundation.

About Dunkin' Donuts
Founded in 1950, today Dunkin' Donuts is the number one retailer of hot regular coffee-by-the-cup in America, selling 2.7 million cups a day, nearly one billion cups a year. Dunkin' Donuts is also the largest coffee and baked goods chain in the world and sells more hot regular coffee, iced coffee, donuts, and bagels than any other quick service restaurant in America. Dunkin' Donuts has more than 7,900 restaurants in 30 countries worldwide. In 2007, Dunkin' Donuts' global systemwide sales were $5.3 billion. Based in Canton, Massachusetts, Dunkin' Donuts is a subsidiary of Dunkin' Brands, Inc. For more information, visit www.DunkinDonuts.com.

About The Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation
The Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation brings together a wide network of stakeholders, including our Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins franchisees, crew members and employees, to support the service and leadership of emergency response organizations ? especially in times of crisis. The Foundation supports emergency responders by providing financial assistance, building capacity, developing partnerships, encouraging volunteerism and honoring local heroes. To learn more about the Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation please visit www.DunkinBrands.com/foundation.

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