Dunkin' Donuts Keeps America Running With Second Annual Free Iced Coffee Day On May 15

CANTON, Mass. (May 13, 2008) - On May 15, busy people who keep America running can keep cool for free. Dunkin' Donuts, the world's largest coffee and baked goods chain, will host its second, nationwide Free Iced Coffee Day. This year, Dunkin' Donuts expects to serve nearly four million cups of iced coffee to its customers nationwide.

From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on May 15, customers can walk into any participating Dunkin' Donuts restaurant throughout the country and receive a free small 16 oz. cup of Dunkin' Donuts' original or flavored iced coffee, double-brewed to ensure full flavor with every cup. Customers are also encouraged to try Berry Berry Iced Coffee, which combines the seasonal tastes of blueberry and raspberry with Dunkin' Donuts' award-winning coffee, or many other delicious flavors.

As part of the one-day event, the company is donating $80,000 to the National Police Athletic League's Youth Leadership Program, a nonprofit organization that works with disadvantaged youth across the United States to emphasize the importance of community service and peer leadership.

"We look forward to treating everyone to a free cup of our delicious, freshly brewed iced coffee on May 15," said Dunkin' Donuts Brand Marketing Officer, Frances Allen. "Dunkin' Donuts has been brewing iced coffee for more than 25 years and we are thrilled to celebrate those who keep America running with this second annual, nationwide event. In addition, we're pleased to support the National Police Athletic League's Youth Leadership Program in celebration of those who serve others in our communities."

Iced coffee is fast becoming as "hot" as the classic cup of Dunkin' Donuts hot coffee. While iced coffee sales typically spike in summer months, Dunkin' Donuts has seen rapid growth year-round. Iced coffee is the second most frequently sold coffee product after hot coffee at Dunkin' Donuts. According to NPD CREST data, Americans drank nearly 600 million servings of iced coffee in restaurants in 2007--a 37 percent increase from 2006. Dunkin' Donuts sold more than 190 million servings of iced coffee in 2007, and is the number one retailer of iced coffee in America.

Dunkin' Donuts has been at the forefront in developing an innovative process for brewing iced coffee, which has set the standard for the industry. The unique process, called double brewing, uses twice the amount of coffee when making the beverage to achieve consistent flavor and freshness that are never compromised at the expense of serving it cold. The result is a smooth, rich taste sensation--iced coffee that is never bitter or watered down.

The National Police Athletic League has more than 80,000 volunteers and 370 chapters in the United States, and is dedicated to serving disadvantaged youth in communities across the country. A new Youth Leadership Program, underwritten by the Department of Justice, is being deployed this year to create a grassroots leadership and community service platform for disadvantaged youth. Dunkin' Donuts' $80,000 donation, facilitated by the Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation, will support the Youth Leadership Program in 16 markets, including: Atlanta, Baltimore, Bangor, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Hartford, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, Providence, Tampa/St. Petersburg, and Washington D.C. The donation is part of Dunkin' Donuts and the Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation's ongoing mission to serve those who serve in our communities.


"We're pleased to receive $80,000 from Dunkin' Donuts to support our Youth Leadership Program across the country. Our goal is to benefit the disadvantaged young men and women who participate in our programs and to make a difference in their lives, as well as in their communities, cities and, ultimately, our country. We're honored to be recognized by Dunkin' Donuts for our efforts to serve others," said Mike Dillhyon, executive director, National Police Athletic League.

For millions of people, enjoying a cup of Dunkin' Donuts coffee is a daily ritual. Dunkin' Donuts has set the standard for offering a superior grade of coffee, and the company sells nearly 1.5 billion cups of coffee every year. In 2007, AOL.com readers cited Dunkin' Donuts as the "Best Overall" coffee. In 2008, for the second year in a row, Dunkin' Donuts ranked number one in customer loyalty in the coffee category by the Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index. According to the survey, Dunkin' Donuts was the leading brand for consistently meeting or exceeding consumer expectations.

For more information on Dunkin' Donuts' iced coffee, please visit www.myicedcoffee.com. To donate to the National Police Athletic League's Youth Leadership Program, visit www.nationalpal.org or www.dunkinbrands.com/foundation and specify how you'd like your donation to be used.


About Dunkin' Donuts
Founded in 1950, today Dunkin' Donuts is the number one retailer of hot regular coffee-by-the-cup in America, selling more than 3 million cups a day, and more than one billion cups a year. Dunkin' Donuts is also the largest coffee and baked goods chain in the world and sells more hot regular coffee, iced coffee, donuts, and bagels than any other quick service restaurant in America. Dunkin' Donuts has more than 7,900 restaurants in 30 countries worldwide. In 2007, Dunkin' Donuts' global systemwide sales were $5.3 billion. Based in Canton, Massachusetts, Dunkin' Donuts is a subsidiary of Dunkin' Brands, Inc. For more information, visit www.DunkinDonuts.com.

About The Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation
The Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation brings together a wide network of stakeholders, including our Dunkin' Donuts and Baskin-Robbins franchisees, crew members and employees, to support the service and leadership of emergency response organizations ? especially in times of crisis. The Foundation supports emergency responders by providing financial assistance, building capacity, developing partnerships, encouraging volunteerism and honoring local heroes. To learn more about the Dunkin' Brands Community Foundation please visit www.dunkinbrands.com/foundation.

About the National Police Athletic League
The National Police Athletic/Activities Leagues, Inc., which exists to prevent juvenile crime and violence by providing civic, athletic, recreational and educational opportunities and resources to local PAL Chapters, was established in 1940. National PAL provides more than 350 local chapters across the United States with resources and opportunities to grow programs benefiting underprivileged youth in their own communities. The PAL program provides disadvantaged youth with the positive influence of a law enforcement agency while reinforcing responsible values and attitudes. More than 80,000 volunteers currently serve 2 million children throughout the United States and the U.S Virgin Islands. For more information, please visit www.nationalpal.org.

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