Ben Affleck Surprises Guests in Dunkin’s First-Ever Super Bowl Ad

Ben Affleck Surprises Guests in Dunkin’s First-Ever Super Bowl Ad

At Dunkin’, fans are part of the family, and they get to do things like directing Dunkin’s first-ever Super Bowl commercial! Ben Affleck has always been a member of the Dunkin’ family, but tonight we made it official during the big game. We wanted to recognize the love our guests have for Dunkin’ by making our #1 fan's dream come true by working behind the counter and treating his fellow patrons. 

A partnership decades in the making came together in our highly anticipated ad, which aired during Super Bowl LVII. It features our #1 fan, Ben Affleck, donning a Dunkin’ uniform and workin’ the drive-through of our Dunkin’ restaurant in Medford, MA.

As guests placed their orders to fuel up for their day, Ben shared one of our latest offers to hit the menu – the Dunkin’ Run, where guests can get a $1 classic donut with any medium or larger coffee. While working his “shift,” Ben even takes a surprise order from his wife, Jennifer Lopez, when she asks, “Grab me a glazed!”

Affleck’s long-standing love for Dunkin’ started when he was a kid in Massachusetts. Like so many Dunkin’ diehards, growing up with the brand made him a lifelong fan. So much so that he took a morning shift to share the love and serve real Dunkin’ guests in our latest commercial. That’s the thing about Dunkin’ – the classics bring back childhood memories and feel like home, no matter where or who you are.

While this is a first for Dunkin’ and Ben, it is certainly not the last! Stay tuned for more to come, and check out the spot below!

Dunkin' 'Drive-Thru' starring Ben

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