Restaurant Pioneer Unveils New Dining Experience at Prototype Store Creating New Industry Category

Randolph, MA (October 7, 2003) -- In response to the ongoing sophistication of the U.S. consumer marketplace, and the increasingly stringent time and quality demands placed on food retailers by the American public, Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants (ADQSR), an industry pioneer with one of the most established portfolios of restaurant brands in the world, today unveiled a prototype store designed to create a unique "All Day" experience for guests. This milestone marks the creation of a new industry category - quick comfort or quick quality - that falls somewhere in between fast-casual and traditional QSR. Located at 8049 S. Harlem Avenue in Burbank, IL, the concept store offers high quality foods from ADQSR's three leading brands served in a fresh, vibrant, and engaging environment for patrons.

"We are pleased to announce the opening of our first "All Day" café and we feel that the American consumer marketplace is currently ripe for such a concept," said Jon Luther, CEO of ADQSR. "Another true point of distinction for us is our brands; we have three strong category leaders -one for each daypart segment - all under one roof."

The prototype fuses perspectives from award winning brand "think tank" Adrienne Weiss Corporation, architects from acclaimed Cambridge-based architectural firm Prellwitz / Chilinski Associates, Inc., and corporate innovators from ADQSR. In developing the new concept, the team's goal was to balance the convenience and variety of a complementary daypart strategy with design changes that would build a novel, creative, and memorable experience.

"We have three very powerful brands that spark a true emotional connection with millions of consumers nationwide," said Tom Wyczawski, Concept Officer of Multi-branding and New Market Entry. "When merging these brands under one roof, we needed to build a distinct guest experience that establishes an equally powerful connection. Over the years, we truly helped to define the breakfast, lunch and afternoon dayparts in the industry. Now it's time to add a new category to the mix -- the All Day café."

In an unusual branding move, gone will be the three separate logos, traditionally stacked side-by-side throughout the interior and exterior of the store. These three logos will be replaced with a visual meshing of logo pieces inside of a clock image. The new visual is intended to remind guests of the café's all day offerings.

The new store also uses a variety of interior and exterior design elements to build an environment that matches the tone of the brands. Customers will see vivid, colorful and fun everyday images portrayed in an unexpected way. These include tabletops and tiles covered with vivid pictures of sprinkles and coffee beans and a high energy, collage-like wall mural. Guests will also notice warmer internal color palettes and a bolder, more dramatic exterior entrance. The store also incorporates new menu boards, more atmospheric lighting, digital music libraries that convey appropriate audio throughout the day, and interesting shapes and colors.

"Now, more than ever, consumers have a need and desire for convenience. That makes our All Day café timely and appealing," Wyczawski continued. "When you get to the heart of this concept, it is about quick quality and quick comfort because consumers can visit one location for delicious food that will satisfy their needs throughout the day. That's why this model has so much potential."

Operational excellence is also central to the prototype experience and will afford ADQSR as well as franchisees three key advantages: 1) operational and purchasing synergies 2) a unified operating system that is less complex than operating three unrelated concepts under one roof and 3) lower square footage allowing for more real estate opportunities.

"The All Day concept will help to create both consumer as well as business benefits and will also enable us to fill a specific niche," said Luther. "With this introduction, we will be well poised to continue to fulfill our commitment to deliver quick comfort and quick quality."

About Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants
Allied Domecq Quick Service Restaurants franchises nearly 11,000 Dunkin' Donuts, Baskin-Robbins and Togo's stores worldwide. With over 143 years of combined franchising experience, the company's mission is to thrill customers, enrich stakeholders and build powerful brands. ADQSR is also a pioneer in developing and practicing a complementary day part strategy, which combines two or three of its brands under one roof. Headquartered in Randolph, Massachusetts, ADQSR is part of Allied Domecq PLC (NYSE:AED), a highly successful and dynamic global business in spirits, wines, and quick service restaurants. More information can be found on Allied Domecq QSR's website,




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