5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Croissants

5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Croissants

Are croissants really French? How do bakers get them so buttery and flaky? In honor of National Croissant Day, we sat down with one of our culinary experts to learn all about croissants.

Dunkin’ Croissants, including our Croissant Stuffers, paired with a Hot or Iced Coffee are a delicious way to enhance your day. Josh Gomes, Research and Development Manager here at Dunkin’, one of only 200 Certified Master Bakers in the U.S., has been baking croissants ever since he worked at his local Dunkin’ more than twenty years ago. Check out these five things we learned about the warm and flaky treat from the culinary expert himself:

1. Croissants Aren’t Really French

Croissants have long been associated with Parisian bakeries, but you may be surprised to hear that’s not where they got their start. In fact, croissants are said to have been invented in Vienna, Austria. The tale goes that a baker created the crescent-shaped bread to celebrate the defeat of the Ottoman Empire, mirroring the crescent moon on the Turkish flag.

2. Marie-Antoinette May Have Introduced The French To Croissants

Legend says that the croissant was first introduced in France by Queen Marie-Antoinette. Originally born in Vienna, she so missed the Austrian treat that she requested that French bakers make croissants just for her.

3. The Croissant Has Evolved Over Centuries

August Zang, an Austrian man who founded a Viennese Bakery in Paris in 1839, is said to have popularized the croissant in France after the French Revolution. The recipe evolved over decades, and the French crafted the lighter, flakier version of the Viennese bread we still enjoy today.

4. What Makes Croissants So Light And Flaky

So, how are croissants made today? The recipe and technique vary, but traditionally croissants are made using layers and layers of dough and butter or margarine. A thin layer of dough is covered in a layer of butter or margarine, and then folded. This process continues, sometimes until there are more than fifty layers of dough and butter or margarine. The more layers, the flakier the croissant!

5. Croissants Are A Favorite For Dunkin’ Breakfast Sandwiches

At Dunkin’, croissants are baked fresh every day. In fact, they are the most popular way our guests enjoy breakfast sandwiches. The buttery, flaky croissants are perfect with a Dunkin’ Bacon, Egg and Cheese. Introduced earlier this year, now guests can also enjoy Croissant Stuffers! These warm and buttery stuffed croissants are available in two flavors: Three Cheese, stuffed with mozzarella and cheddar with Swiss cheese topping, and Chicken, Bacon & Cheese, stuffed with savory chicken, bacon, and Colby Jack cheese, and topped with everything seasoning. 

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