Share Your Dunkin'-Inspired Halloween Costume For A Chance To Be Featured In Times Square

Share Your Dunkin'-Inspired Halloween Costume For A Chance To Be Featured In Times Square

Calling all Dunkin’-lovers, we want to see your Dunkin’ Donuts-inspired Halloween costumes! Share your DD costume using #DDCostumeContest for the chance to be featured on our Times Square billboard.*

Through the years, we’ve seen lots of amazing Halloween costumes inspired by our donuts, coffee, lattes and more. This year, our donuts are all dressed up for Halloween with spooktacular new names and designs, and we are asking you to join in on the fun!

Credit: @briteandbubbly

Now through October 31, we are we are hosting a Halloween costume contest, giving you the chance to be featured on the Dunkin’ Donuts Times Square Billboard in New York City. Share your Dunkin’ costume on Instagram using special hashtag #DDCostumeContest. One grand prize winner will also receive $2,500 and a year’s supply of coffee!

Need some DIY Halloween costume inspiration? Check out the video below with step-by-step instructions to see how our friend Aww Sam brought Dunkin’ iced coffee to life for her Halloween costume this October.


  • Light Brown Dress
  • Brown Fabric Dye
  • Acriylic Cubes
  • Orange Acrylic Paint
  • Clear Frosted Spray
  • Clear Acrylic Dome
  • Headband
  • Paper Towel Roll
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Inflatable Donut
  • Iron-On Paper
  • Utility Knife


  1. Ombré the dress by dipping it in water mixed with brown fabric dye 
  2. To craft the ice cubes, cut acrylic cubes in half and spay with frosted spray
  3. Use hot glue to attach the ice cubes onto the dress
  4. Print the Dunkin' Donuts logo onto an iron-on sheet
  5. Under a cloth, iron the logo on to the dress
  6. For the lid hat, use the clear acrylic dome to trace a circle onto cardboard and cut
  7. Stuff the dome with tissue paper and glue the circle onto the base of the dome
  8. To create a straw, cut a paper towel roll in half and paint it orange
  9. Attach the straw diagonally onto the dome with hot glue
  10. Lastly, secure headband onto the base of the dome with hot glue
  11. Add inflatable donut over the straw and voila!


And sure to share your Dunkin’-inspired costumes on Instagram using #DDCostumeContest!

* NoPurchNec 18+ US only. Ends 10/31/17. For full rules and details please visit


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