The Story Behind Our Next Big Fall Flavor

The Story Behind Our Next Big Fall Flavor

This fall, we are thrilled to be bringing back the Pumpkin coffees and baked goods you know and love, but when it comes to fall flavors, we’re not stopping there…

There is a nostaglia that comes along with the change of the seasons, and my team and I here in the Dunkin’ Test Kitchen put great care into creating menu items that feature the tastes and smells that guests are most looking forward to. This year for fall, in addition to fan-favorite pumpkin, we’re excited to offer our next big fall flavor: Maple!

Fall Flavors Full Lineup


We are always watching flavor trends as we ideate and innovate in the Dunkin’ Test Kitchen, and the sweet, buttery flavor of maple is definitely on-trend right now. Our team tested many variations of the flavor, and found that the classic maple flavor paired perfectly with roasted pecan.  Match this with our hot and iced coffees and lattes and it’s a magical combination.  The new Maple Pecan flavored coffees and lattes serve a sweet and nutty taste for an exciting new way to stay energized around the changing of the seasons. 

For even more maple, we are also introducing the new Maple Sugar Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, featuring a double portion of sweet caramelized Maple Sugar Cherrywood smoked bacon served on a freshly-baked croissant with egg and cheese. Both will be available in participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide by August 28.

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