Dunkin' Double Take: Watch Our Latest Ad With Ben Affleck

Dunkin' Double Take: Watch Our Latest Ad With Ben Affleck

Dunkin’ fans, get ready for a laugh! Today, we’re debuting our second collaborative ad with Ben Affleck, following our first-ever Super Bowl commercial featuring our #1 fan. Ben not only stars in the latest ad, but directed and conceptualized it with his production company, Artists Equity.

Set in a Boston-area Dunkin’, Ben places his order for the Dunkin’ Run, only to be humorously mistaken by crew members for his friend and business partner, Matt Damon. Feeling a bit deflated, he grabs his Dunkin’ iced coffee and donut to-go.

Born from a comical outtake during filming, this ad captures the exact moment when Dunkin’ is there for Ben— upping the realism factor in a way only Dunkin’ fans can relate to. Ben’s impromptu humbling by the crew culminates with him saying, “Time for a Dunkin’ Run” – because sometimes you just need your Dunkin’ pick-me-up.

Ben’s legendary Dunkin’ runs have become pop culture sensations, and the Dunkin’ Run promotion is our way of celebrating and thanking everyone who relies on Dunkin’ to fuel their day. After all, nothing unites Dunkin’ lovers together like someone asking, “I’m going on a Dunkin’ run, want anything?

To help our fans power through life’s ups and downs (and even awkward mix-ups), we’ve expanded the Dunkin’ Run offer: grab a classic donut for $1, Stuffed Bagel Minis for $2, or a Sausage Egg and Cheese for $3, with the purchase of any medium or larger coffee.

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