Meet Dunkin’s Sweetest Guests: “Grandpa” and Ginny Walker

Meet Dunkin’s Sweetest Guests: “Grandpa” and Ginny Walker

During a year when we’ve all craved a little more togetherness and celebrated kindness, the story of a Northern California Dunkin’ franchisee, his restaurant team, and an 81-year-old guest and his wife stands apart in warming our hearts.

Gilbert “Gil” Walker, better known as “Grandpa”, and his wife Virginia, have quickly become the sweetest customers of their Concord, CA Dunkin’, creating an extra special bond with the restaurant team. Walker, who is a retired high school teacher, began striking up conversations with Dunkin’ franchisee, Matt Cobo, during his daily visits to the drive thru – learning that although the pandemic had hit Cobo’s business, Cobo had no plans to lay off his restaurant staff.

Grandpa 1
Gilbert "Gil" Walker and his wife Virginia "Ginny"

Wanting to support the Dunkin’ restaurant team he was getting so close to, Walker came up with the idea to give Cobo nearly $300, just to show his appreciation for each employee. Cobo and his restaurant staff were in awe of this kind gesture. “It absolutely took my breath away,” recalls Cobo

grandpa 2
Dunkin' franchisee Matt Cobo (center) with some of his restaurant team

This created a back and forth game of kindness one-upsmanship with the Dunkin’ restaurant crew, who refused payment from Grandpa or his wife, Virginia – better known as “Ginny”. Each morning, the Dunkin’ restaurant team looks forward to Grandpa and Ginny’s visits and provide them with their usual order of an Iced Coffee and a Maple Bar for Grandpa, and an Iced Chai Latte with almondmilk and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar for his wife, which has been dubbed “The Ginny”.

Grandpa 4
Dunkin' franchisee Matt Cobo with Ginny and Grandpa

For a limited time, “The Ginny” is making an appearance on the digital menu board at the Concord, CA Dunkin’ in appreciation of Grandpa and his proclaimed better half. If you live in the area, make sure to stop by and try it for yourself!

Grandpa 3

Here at Dunkin’ we’re cheersin’ to Grandpa and Ginny for filling our cups with joy. You can read more about this incredible duo in this feature article.

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