Local Kentucky Pastor and Son Pay It Forward at Dunkin’ In Honor of Late Wife

Local Kentucky Pastor and Son Pay It Forward at Dunkin’ In Honor of Late Wife

It’s not every day you have a guest come to the drive-thru and ask for a gift card amounting to exactly $208, then ask it be used on others. But, that’s exactly what happened at a Dunkin’ restaurant in Cold Spring, Kentucky when Barry and Davis Peters pulled up.

After suddenly losing their wife and mother, Laura, six months ago, Barry, and his 11-year-old son, Davis, decided to pay it forward in her honor at their local Dunkin’. A coffee lover, Laura would make frequent stops at the Dunkin’ restaurant to grab her regular: a medium hot coffee. To commemorate the six months since her passing, Barry and Davis purchased a $208 gift card, the amount Laura would have spent at Dunkin’, and asked that it be used to pay for everyone behind them in line until it ran out.

“We have always been Dunkin’ fans,” said Barry Peters, “One of the things we continued to do when Laura passed was go to Dunkin’. We showed up and placed our regular order, which was Glazed Chocolate Donuts and two waters, and then told them we would like a gift card for $208.”

Employees working at Dunkin’ at the time Barry and Davis arrived were brought to tears listening to their story. They watched the events unfold as customers reacted to the heartwarming gesture.

“Guests were speechless because nothing like this had ever happened to them before,” said Annika White, a Dunkin’ crew member at the Cold Springs restaurant, “When I told them the story and pointed out that Barry and Davis were sitting in the parking lot watching as the guests got their orders, the guests would wave back and one woman even got out of her car to thank them personally.”

A story of true love, Barry and Laura met more than 15 years ago in the quaint town of Greenville, North Carolina where their music groups shared the same stage. After a year of dating long distance, the two settled and built a life in Northern Kentucky where they raised their son, Davis.

Dunkin’ means something different to everyone. For Barry and Davis, Dunkin’ keeps the memory of their late wife and mother alive. After the community paid it forward to them with gift cards and donations over the past six months, they were there to pay it right back.  

“Something so simple as getting a Dunkin’ coffee everyday can motivate people and can really change someone’s day,” said White.

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